The Pickup Test


Szkeley’s creation of The Pickup Test is a leap forward for all creative string players as it’s the first scientific and comprehensive sound library of every single pick up available on the market. A unique online media player created by Szekely in consultation with Grammy Award-nominated musicians and instrument partners like Yamaha, the Pickup Test gives amplified violinists, violists and cellists the opportunity to hear what the pickups sound like and to compare equipment. The website also features tabletop reviews and interviews with today’s leading creative string players. The Pickup Test is the new global resource for string musicians worldwide as every string player who performs non-classical music has to find a way to amplify their instrument and master the use of equipment like preamps, amplifiers, and effects pedals that were not designed for their instrument. There is little-to-no training for this in conservatories and most pickup systems (the devices used to amplify string instruments) require permanent installation and are not available at music shops. The Pickup Test addresses this educational gap and offers tutorials for choosing the right gear, communicating with sandmen, and finally enables strings players to be in control of their sound. www.thepickuptest.comThis post is sponsored by our partners Wigs