The Improvisor’s Guide to the Cello Academy. In 2012 Szekely released The Improvisor’s Guide to the Cello, the first comprehensive guide to improvisation for cellists on the market. It combined his passion for exploring the possibilities of the instrument with his experience of teaching his methods to thousands of cellists at every ability level, in every possible setting, all over the world. Rather than trying to adopt rock, jazz or other improvisation methods written for piano, saxophone or guitarists, IGC utilized Szekely’s groundbreaking concepts and finally addressed the fundamentally unique challenges of the cello from a cellist’s perspective. Now, Szkeley launches the IGC Academy, the first-ever online interactive learning community for creative cellists. “This is really a quantum leap in how cellists can approach their instrument now. So many people who purchased the original videos wanted more lessons, more practice routines, more access. I realized I inadvertently started a movement and wanted to keep that going so it becomes a hub for this great community”. – Jacob Szekely