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Szekely is emerging as a leader of the alternative- strings community.

Strings Magazine


A uniquely gifted artist.

KJAZZ Radio (LA)


I think that the Jacob Szekely Trio, if based in Europe, would be recording for ECM. I say that as a giant compliment because of ECM’s attention to purity of sound. Nowhere is that more evident than in the spaces between pianist Josh Nelson’s notes on the self-titled album’s closing song, Postlude: Houston.

Brian Arsenault, International Review of Music


This cellist is really unbelievable. All those classical chops plus he can improvise.

Larry Koonse, Grammy Award-winning jazz artist


His mixture of rock and post bop is striking… Resonates as it charms.

James Crel, The Strad


Ground Breaking!
Eugene Friesen – cello pioneer, multiple Grammy Award winner, professor at Berklee School of Music